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Sunday, June 23

Choral Eucharist – The Church of St. John the Divine- 11:15 am

2450 River Oaks Blvd, Houston, TX

Introit: Antonio Vivaldi, Laudamus Te 

Setting: Gabriel Faure, Messe Basse- Kyrie, Sanctus, Benedictus & Agnus Dei

Psalm: Psalm 9:9-20

Offertory: C.S. Lang, Sing Alleluia

Communion: Felix Mendelssohn, I Will Sing of Thy Great Mercies

Hymns: TBD


Sunday, June 23

Choral Evensong – St. Paul's United Methodist Church- 4:00 pm

5501 Main St, Houston, TX

Introit: Felix Mendelssohn, I Will Sing of Thy Great Mercies

Responses: Malcom Archer, Preces and Responses

Psalm: C. V. Stanford, Psalm 150

Canticles: Philip Moore, Fauxbourdon Service

Anthem:  Henry Purcell, Evening Hymn

Hymn: Filled with the Spirits Power descant by Bob Brewer

2024 Festival Repertoire

Once you have registered and paid your tuition, you will receive a password to access the pdfs of the music at the following page

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