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Peggy Odam "Mama Peggy" Memorial Fund

This memorial fund was officially set up in honor and memory of Peggy Odam, “Mama Peggy.” Mama Peggy was the registrar for the course beginning in 2011 and continued to be involved each year, even in the midst of her battle with cancer. Peggy loved music, especially Anglican Choral music, and was committed to the education of young choristers to the tradition. She was extremely enthusiastic about the course, from being the registrar, Safe Church Officer, Administrator, bus driver and our anonymous donor each year. Peggy gave of herself totally to the girls and the course. If not for the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, she was determined to stay in the dorm with everyone. She did not want to miss a minute of the fellowship and music making. Her generous nature allowed for Organ Scholars, clinician travel, scholarships for girls and her favorite part of the week, the Welcome Dinner, Sunday evening prior to the opening of the course on Monday. Peggy was always just eager to make the course the very best it could be. Each year she contributed to the areas that she felt were most needed. Peggy will continue to be a vital part of the course going forward. 


The girls with Mama Peggy in 2018

Mama Peggy and manager Anna Teagarden at end of camp luncheon 2015

Peggy Odam and board with new RSCM banner in 2019

L to R: Peggy Odam, Anna Teagarden, Michael Pirics

Gulf Coast board in 2019 L to R: Chris Betts, Peggy Odam, Anna Teagarden, Rebecca Terry, Beth Brown, Bob Brown, Michael Pirics

Emily Wolfe and Peggy Odam working the registration table at check-in in 2019

Choristers serenade Peggy Odam, Anna Teagarden, and Michael Pirics 2013

For so many, Mama Peggy was the beautiful, beating heart of the Royal School of Church Music’s Gulf Coast Course. As a dedicated RSCM camper and proctor, I was able to experience the love, joy, and care that washed over everything she touched. She had a voice built for reading scripture, a laugh almost as infectious as her spirit, and an immense dedication to Anna, the campers, and the volunteers. It’s hard to imagine the course without her presence lighting the way, but as we all know, very little can keep Mama Peggy away from where she needs to be. For, though her mortal heart has since found rest, her legacy is everlasting. Her light will shine in the eyes of eager new campers, the echo of her laugh will accompany every activity, and her memory will continue to tether us to our motto: I will sing with the spirit and with the understanding also. And so, Mama Peggy, as choristers come together each summer to fill our churches with song, know that they are lifting their voices up to God, and lifting them up to you. 

-Mallory Miller

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