RSCM Gulf Coast Highlights Video


After RSCM Gulf Coast 2020 was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the RSCM Gulf Coast staff wanted to do something special to celebrate the impact Gulf Coast has had on so many lives. Although we cannot meet in person this year, the community we have built and the relationships we have forged over the years remain stronger than ever. Throughout the fifteen years RSCM Gulf Coast has been in Houston, we've worked with a variety of talented musicians and directors, sung beautiful and challenging music, formed long-lasting friendships, and made wonderful memories. RSCM Gulf Coast means so much to every one of us, and we wanted to honor it with a video highlighting those things which make RSCM Gulf Coast so special.

This video features pictures, videos, and recordings of past years, as well as messages from past and future clinicians, course staff, proctors, choristers, and parents. You'll see many familiar faces (and some new ones!) as we look back on the wonderful times we've had in past courses, while also looking forward to a fantastic 2022. 

The video premiered on St. Paul's United Methodist Church's website, on June 28, 2020 at 4pm CST.